More and More ART!

Today I found out that another piece of my artwork has been recognized. A white charcoal pencil drawing I did of a animal skull was chosen to become a part of Aurora Healthcare's Permanent Collection!! It was such a surprise and I hope to see it up soon! :)


I was awarded a great ART honor this year! My artwork,a charcoal portrait, advanced through the state competition, and made it to the regional show at the capital building. There were two pieces of art from my school and I was very lucky to have been awarded this honor as a freshman. I am very honored and I hope I can do it again next year.

 With this honor I received a free family pass to the Madison Children's Museum, so we had a great time exploring, learning, and having fun.


This is VERY VERY delayed but: Christmas 2011 was great, many many surprises.
 First, we had Grace's band concert and my choir concert to bring some holiday cheer and get the Christmas songs embedded into our memories.
 Next, the living nativity reminded us of the real meaning of Christmas. Dad was one of the three wise men and Adam was all bundled up and ready to watch. 

 On Christmas eve, we all gathered at The Bawiec house to celebrate Christmas. Aunt Shelley, Uncle Eric, and Rhys came down to celebrate also. Rhys was very excited to open up his presents.
 Adam was thrilled when he opened up his beyblade.
 On Christmas morning, we settled in our normal spots on the living room carpet and opened our presents. Adam opened up a present and was super excited when he saw it was a nook.
 Grace opened up a big box that contained an x-box. This was a very exciting present for the whole family, and was tested later that morning.
 I opened up the laptop box and was smiling ear-to-ear. That was also immediately set up and tested out.
 We were ready to start using all of the presents.
 Next, we went over to the Hurst's home and we celebrated Christmas with that side of the family.
 Our family ornament this year had all of our names printed on it, and the year.
Then, since all the pickles have been found, earrings were hidden in the tree for the girls.
Overall, Christmas was AWESOME!!!


New Church Excitement

A couple weeks ago we moved our cross to the new location.
 After the 11:00 service they took the cross out of the Sanctuary and loaded it onto the back of a truck,
 that then lead a parade going 5 MPH to the new church.
There were many pictures taken so here are just a few of my favorites.

This is the cross being loaded onto the truck.

This is a picture I took from the car while we were following the cross.

This was the at the short blessing of the cross,once we got to the new church.

On December 18 we had the dedication service.
The huge church was filled, they had to create overflow
 seating in the narthex and there still were people standing.
Thankfully, our family all got somewhere to sit.
There was so much music and everyone was so happy.
Adam, Me, and Dad sang for the service.
Dad was singing with the praise team, and I lead the Youth Praise group
joined by the JAM kids and all the school kids.
Here are some of the pictures from the event.


1st Choir Concert

I had my first choir concert on the 25th, and it turned out great. There were three choirs from our school that participated: Choir 1- Freshman and Sophomores(all girls), Choir 2- Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors (boys and girls), and the Master Singers- girls that auditioned.
I am in Choir 1 so we sang first. Each choir did three songs, ours were We Can Plant A Forest, Homeward Bound, and For The Beauty of The Earth. Most of the notes in the first two songs were easy to reach, but the last one was a little more difficult. 
After each choir was finished singing their three songs we all got up on stage together and sang one final song Shanandoah. This song was my favorite it sounded absolutely amazing with all of the sections singing together. 
Overall the concert was very beuatiful.


Homecoming: Freshman Year

Last night I went to homecoming with a bunch of friends. Everyone had some pretty crazy dance moves, hahaha ! It was so much fun, some of us had raspy voices at the end of the night, all of us had sore feet, and we all had hearing loss! :D 
Hope you enjoy these pictures!

From Left to Right- Standing: Alexis, Katie, Sydney, Hannah, Josie
Sitting: Zach, Me, Luke

Me and Josie

Me, Hannah, and Luke

Our Heels!

Sittin' Pretty!

Goofy Pose!

We're Rockin' the Heels!

All Us Girls!!


8th Grade Graduation

Sorry, my graduation happened a while back but I was going through some pictures and thought it would be a nice post.

At the end of the school year we had our "Completion Ceremony" or Graduation as I prefer, about two hundred 8th graders waled across the auditorium stage to receive there "diplomas". It was a fun preview of how our High School Graduation will be like. After everyone got their diplomas we headed to the gym for punch and cookies, we were all excited and ready to pose with our friends for pictures.
So, here are some of the pictures.

From the Left to the Right: Dr. Nicholas:Principal, Mrs. Martin: Guidance Counselor,
 Mr. Hintz: Associate Principal, and Mr. Lewandowski: Associate Principal

Me and My Friend Hannah,
 and in the black in the background is Jesse

Me and My Friend Josie

Me and My Friend Morgan

Me and My Friend Ally

Me and My Friend Taylor

Me and My "Diploma"


Waterski Show

On Saturday, my family, Grandma and Grandpa Hurst, and I went down to Janesville to watch the 2011 Waterski National Championship. There were a bunch of teams there to compete, but we stayed to watch three and they were great. They did many tricks, including skiing backwards, bare-footing, jumping, and building pyramids on the water. It was a great trip and it was the perfect weather to be on the water, but it was a little warm in the bleachers. 
Hope you enjoy these pictures!


Down by the Lakefront

Today, mom took Adam, Grace, and I down to the lakefront for some beach fun... and it sure was FUN! We made sandcastles and dug trenches, played soccer (with a volleyball), and had a blast in the water. There were a bunch of waves today so Grace and I went and took advantage of them. There was one wave that left an impression on me though, I was caught in the waves and for a split second i looked and there was water both in front and in back of me , like a tunnel. I could see right through the water! I loved that moment. Well, here are some pictures of the action.